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Ayurvedic Oils

Exporter of a wide range of products which include balsam peru oil, cold pressed oils, essential oils and jatamansi oil.
Balsam Peru Oil

Balsam Peru Oil

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Minimum Order Quantity5 Kg
Pack TypeCustomised
Pack SizeCustomised

Our top notch quality Balsam Peru oil is consistently favored in the cosmetic industry. It is developed from remarkable technology and is utilized for perfect fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. Plus, we use the best available quality materials for production of Balsam Peru essential oil and they are thoroughly tested on quality parameters. Plus, we always charge easy and effective rates.

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Cold Pressed Oils

Cold Pressed Oils

Price on Request
Typecold press oil
Packaging TypeBottle
Brandshiv organics

We have made it a habit of offering superior quality cold pressed oils that are very light and are capable of being easily absorbed by the human body. Our oils are developed from exquisite technology and are extracted through heat which leads to the oxidization of the oil. Moreover, these oils are highly preferred by customers’ and are extracted through cold extraction techniques to retain its best qualities.

Technical Specification

English Name Botanical Name
Ajowan OleoAshwagandha & Nbspoleo
Basil Seed Oil(Van Tulsi)Bawchi Oil
Bhrami OilBlack Cumin Seed Oil
Black Pepper &OleoCelery Seed Oleo
Chharila(Lican)OleoChironji Seed Oil
Croton OilCucumber Oil
Date OleoFenugreek Oleo
Ginger OleoJuniper Berry Oleo
Kapur Kachari OleoKaranj Seed Oil
Mace OleoMacassar Oil(Kusum Seed)
Madhuca Indica Oil (Mahua)Malkangni Seed Oil
Moranga OilMusk Melon Oil
Myrrh OleoNeem Oil
Olibanum Oleo (Frankincense)Onion Seed Oil
Pomogranate OilPumpkin Oil
Water Melon OilWheat Germ Oil
Red Chilli OleoTamarind (Emli) Oleo
Turmeric OleoValerian Root Oleo
Sweet Almond OilPrunus amygdalus var. dulcus
Appricoat OilPrunus Armeniaca (LINN.)
Linseed OilLinum Usitatissimum
Kalaunji OilNigella Sativa
Chal Mogra OilHydnocarpus laurifolia
Sun Flower OilHelianthus Annuus

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Price on Request

We are offering completely natural and organic essential oils that are free from alcohol and are offered in purest forms. Our highly adept professionals extract them with the help of perfect technology and from rare and organically grown herbs of Himalayan Mountains. Use of perfect steam distillation process makes them free from chemicals and alcohol. Moreover, we offer completely affordable and simple rates.

Techncial Specification

English Name Botanical Name
Ajowain OilTrachyspermum Copticum
Aloevera Juice Gel ThickA. barbadensis
Angelica Root OilAngelica Arcangelica
Artemisia, Wormwood OilArtemisia Absinthium
Balsam Peru OilMyroxyron balsamun
Bergamot OilCitrus Bergamia
Basil , Holy Basil OilOcimum Sanctum
Basil Oil - Canum OilOcimum Canum
Basil oil Sweet OilOcimum basilium
Bitter Orange OilCitrus Aurantium
Calamus OilAcorus calamus
Calendula, MarigoldCalendula Officinalis
Camphor OilCinnamomum camphora
Cardamom oilEletteria Cardamom
Carrot seed oilDaucus Carota
Cedarwood Himalayan OilCedrus Deodara
Celery Seed Essential OilApium Graveolens
Chamomile, Roman OilAnthemis nobilis
Chamomile, German (BLUE)Matricaria Recutita
Cinnamon Leaf OilCinnamomum verum
Cinnamon Bark OilCinnamomum zeylanicum
Citronella oilCymbopogon Nardus
Clary SageSalvia Sclarea
Clove leaf oilSyzgium Aromaticum
Clove Bud oilSyzgium Aromaticum
Coriander oilCoriandrum Sativum
Cumin seed oilCuminum Cyminum
Cypress OilCupressus Sempervirans
Cypriol OilCypreus Scarious
Davana OilArtemesia Pallens
Dill Seed OilAnethum graveolens
Eucalyptus oilEucalyptus Globus
Fennel seed oilFoeniculum Vulgare
Frankincense OilBoswellia Serrata
Garlic OilAllium Sativum
Geranium oilPalargonium Bourbon
Ginger oilZingiber officinale
Gingergrass oil(Sofia)Cymbopogon Martinii

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Jatamansi Oil

Jatamansi Oil

Price on Request
Minimum Order Quantity5 Kg
Pack SizeCustomised
Pack TypeCustomised
BrandShiv Sales Corporation

We are offering premium range of Jatamansi Oil which is widely and randomly used in perfumes, cosmetics, massage oil, skin care products, etc. to add pleasant aroma. Our products are reputed for exotic aroma, for promoting calm and peaceful state of mind and are offered at the best available rates. We use the best available technology in the market to process our products.

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